1st session recap…

Amy —  March 18, 2013 — 1 Comment

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We had our first Birmingham 2022 session on Saturday at mac, birmingham. Here is a session recap written by Craig (pictured).

Session recap (Sat 16th March)

Today’s session was mainly about getting to know the other people in the group. We did a lot of exercises to help drum each others names into our heads, and I think it worked. I am pretty sure I have them all down now, and my memory isn’t great so it must have worked. It wasn’t all just about meeting and greeting. We also spent some time discussing the project, the schedule and the organisations involved (Capsule, Fused, Birmingham Library, etc.)

We looked to the future and imagined where we, our careers and the city of Birmingham may be in ten years. We filmed short videos with our thoughts. We partnered up, interviewed each other and wrote biogs on each other. This helped us get a little taste for the kind of work some of us will be doing, and that some us may not have experienced before. It also helped with getting to know each other. It is my understanding that you will be writing biogs too. We also got the chance to check out the Mac itself, which is an amazing place. There is an exhibition on Yemeni culture in the UK which is currently on the ground floor. You should check that out!

My memory isn’t the best, but I will do all I can to try to introduce you to everyone. I apologise in advance for any misspelling of any names and for any inaccuracies.

Nasir plays football for Tipton Academy. He is very interested in design, but not too fond of writing. He hopes to develop his writing through this project.

Tiffany has lived on three different continents and is somewhat of a nomad. She must have loads of stories to tell! She is also keen on architecture, and is generally artistic and creative.

Dan graduated in English literature from Brighton University. He has a real passion for writing and an extensive knowledge of his subject. He has written articles for online music publications.

Choncey confesses to sleeping on the floor in a room filled with books. She loves libraries, theatre and a whole lot of the arts and the written word. She has her own YouTube page boasting almost 4,000 subscribers.

Sophie is doing her masters in Art Journalism. She has a lot of interest and knowledge of art and hopes to bring that to the table in this project.

Anna is a theatre director who is interested in drama, literature and politics. She has a wide range of skills and knowledge which will be valuable to the team.

Reiss is at Matthew Boulton College studying design and is hoping to learn a lot of new skills and develop some existing ones, especially in art, for which he earned an A* – the first person in his family to do  so.

Maddie is artistic but practical. She is hoping to be at university in Falmouth in the not so distant future, but was raised and educated in Birmingham. She has a lot to offer.

Alice is an outdoors and nature obsessive who studies at university in Birmingham. She has a penchant for design and layout, and an interest in all things artistic and creative. She will be a key asset to the group.

Craig is a journalism graduate who loves all forms of media. He is hoping to learn a lot from this project and get a chance to hone his skills in writing.

There was also Kerry who runs Fused Magazine, and Amy who will be in charge of the project. They are very experienced, friendly and looking to work with young, creative people like ourselves. Everyone is hoping to get something out of this project, and everyone will be putting a lot of themselves in. That should hopefully fill you in on the session.


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