Contribute your #WordsForMorag and get them featured on the Pavilion during the opening season of the new Library of Birmingham

Amy —  May 17, 2013 — Leave a comment


Part of the role of Birmingham 2022 is to create the Discovery Season Brochure to accompany the 4 month opening season of the new Library of Birmingham that has been curated and produced by Capsule, who have a history of crafting extraordinary events for adventurous audiences.

One of the key artists of the season is designer & wordsmith Morag Myerscough who will be responsible for the look and feel of the Pavilion, the space where it all happens. This structure act as a spectacular billboard to what the Library has to offer and is designed to house an 18-week rolling creative programme focused around discovery, set to be a playful & welcoming environment, Morag plans to incorporate words that can be associated with the library and all it’s potential.

Can you help us to generate words for this unique creative space?

Send us your suggesstions using hashtag #WordsForMorag by Tuesday 21st May

Morag Myerscough has produced an eclectic — and sometimes eccentric — body of work that is frequently unclassifiable but always engaging. She combines formal design methodologies with highly individualist craft skills. She recently collaborated with Zynga on the spacial design of their new headquarters in San Francisco. She believes in creating a narrative in the built environment and enhancing the physical experience of being in a space. To Morag, how people feel in a space is important. Making people smile and feel happy is one of the best outcomes. To see more of Morag’s work check here:


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