Thinking about the future

abbeyduckett —  June 15, 2013 — 1 Comment


As we are developing ideas for our time capsule, and thinking about what Birmingham will be like in 2022, I thought about presenting my ideas of the future via a Twitter page.

The above shows my development in creating my twitter page,  and my first draft.

 I thought it would look better hand drawn rather than digitally produced to continue with the theme that we discussed… future trends may include reverting back to basics. I want the piece to look vintagey and old, stripped back and raw. I think it shows more individuality which can often be pushed aside with social networking.

This also leads me to think: will Twitter even be here in 2022? Will social networking even be here in 2022? The form of communication that has boomed in the last few years may have developed so much further that we won’t even remember it in ten years time. Maybe we will be laughing at it the way we now laugh at dial-up internet and landline phones: “The good old days.”

I personally hope that we go the opposite end of the spectrum and slip back into the traditional way of writing a good old letter. So much more thought goes into those things, and are much more personal and private than a public facebook status intended for hundreds to see and ‘like’. I miss pen and paper.

Written By Abbey Duckett.


One response to Thinking about the future


    I too would like to see the come back of letter writing ! Whether I would be able to keep up with regular correspondences is another question 😉

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