Day 5 – End of Week 1!

siobhan208 —  July 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

Kerry + Amy illustrated by Reiss Hesson

Today we moved back into our FEED studios in Millenium Point, and carried on re-drafting and adding final touches to the articles.

  The editorial role is becoming more and more prominant as an every increasing pile of drafts are being final-drafted, printed, and repeatedly post-it-ed. It’s exciting to see all our articles coming together, but as the list of Discovery Season events to cover seems to be ever expanding, it’s becoming quite an overwhelming task for our editor, Dan, to make sure everything is covered and all articles are ready for print. Editorial stress aside, it’s really motivating to see our magazine begin to come together and take some sort of form. Kerry has put together an (albeit very rough!) draft of page orders using the always useful medium of post-it notes. Hopefully next week we will be able to start visualising how the magazine will be laid out and how we can expect our articles and our artwork to appear on page.


Alice illustrated by Reiss Hesson

Although getting all the articles ready for our graphic designer, Keith, and our creative team to start playing with next week was the primary aim of the day, we were also given a new project to start thinking about. It was becoming quite hard to fit our various pieces inspired by the future gazing project into the magazine, due to all the required content and the desires of our other various clients. Therefore, Amy and Kerry have decided to give it its own space in our very own Birmingham 2022 zine! This is exciting news for us (an especially for our creative team) as it is a project that we have full control over, both in terms of content and aesthetic. Kerry showed us a similar size paper to what ours would be printed on. It looked really special and individual, and it really got us thinking about what we could achieve with complete artistic control.

Alice started planning out layouts, including all our bios and our pieces, and Reiss started illustrating everyone to represent ourselves in the Birmingham 2022 zine. The illustrations were amazing, and I think we all decided we were a fan of ourselves in cartoon form! Sophie also managed to get a polaroid picture of everyone today. These pictures will be used in our new magazine, and possibly in some online content too.

At the end of the day, a few of us went down to the Birmingham food fest in Victora Square, and enjoyed a couple of drinks in the sun. The smells and sights were very impressive, even if the sounds (a jazz act covering everything from Queen to Eminem to Dexys Midnight Runners) weren’t always quite to our taste!

With two projects now on the go, and everything seemingly on deadline, I think we’re all beginning to think about our work as finished products, which is a really exciting thought. Bring on next week!


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