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Kerry + Amy illustrated by Reiss Hesson

Today we moved back into our FEED studios in Millenium Point, and carried on re-drafting and adding final touches to the articles.

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In my last blog post I mentioned how I miss the pen. Sliding a finger along screens and electronic gadgets seems to have replaced the old pen to paper, yet I have found a little gem in Birmingham that celebrates the good old fashioned pen.


Tom Hunter has been commissioned by GRAIN Library of Birmingham to produce an exhibition that showcases his photography of Birmingham. The project is called FINDINGS and features photographs of 50 places across Birmingham’s Colmore Business District and the Jewellery Quarter.

One of his photographs features THE PEN MUSEUM

THE PEN MUSEUM is a former pen factory turned museum where you can learn the history of pen making. Steel being a famous industry of Birmingham; the museum promotes the legacy of the steel pen trade.
The museum is situated in the Jewellery Quarter in an architecturally appealing Grade II Listed Building, partly why I assume Hunter chose to photograph it.
The volunteer lead museum boasts a large collection of objects and activities relating to the Steel pen trades and the history of writing, including machinery, museum trails and a Victorian School room. There is even the opportunity for visitors to make their own nib.
The museum is the only one of its kind in the UK and is free to explore so do try to check it out.

The Pen Museum

The Pen Museum

You can have a look at the Pen Museum photograph on Church Street Square, in the Colmore Business District.

FINDINGS also features many other buildings around Birmingham; from St Chads Cathedral, to Jekyll and Hyde bar, to Yorks Bakery Cafe. What’s more it is displayed in an out of the ordinary fashion: temporary partitions or ‘units’ have been placed around St Paul’s Square and Church Street Square presenting the images, giving the passerby the opportunity to freely explore the photographs.

And if they weren’t awe-inspiring enough; all of the photographs were produced using a pinhole camera. I don’t know much about photography myself, and for the like-wise out there: pinhole cameras are a simple square wooden box without a lens or a shutter. The box has a small hole in it that allows the light in to capture the image on a film held inside. Going back to the early days of photography, yet the results are anything but dated.

Hunter has said that his photographs are ‘monuments to this industrial past’ and show a journey through Birmingham’s industrial heritage. I personally love that this exhibition represents the working life of Birmingham; then and now. It highlights the local businesses, the varied cultures of Birmingham, and even shows the speckled mix of old and new architecture amidst the city.

You are invited to make your own journey of discovery; it’s only around until the 19th July so catch it before it goes.

FIndings exhibition at St Paul's Square

FIndings exhibition at St Paul’s Square

For more information, visit the Findings website:

Or find the exhibition at:

Church Street Square
Colmore Business District
B3 2NP

St Paul’s Square
B3 1QZ

Written By Abbey Duckett.

​Wanted: Up and Coming Writers, Bloggers, Future Forecasters and Creatives passionate about the creative future of Birmingham.

Are you aged between 16-24 yrs? Do you want to help generate alternative visions for the future of arts and culture in Birmingham? Contribute your ideas and ambitions into a strategy for the arts for the year 2022? Plus work as a team to create a professional-standard printed magazine-style brochure for the Discovery Festival of the New Library of Birmingham?

September 2013 sees the much-anticipated launch of the new Library of Birmingham: the largest public library in Europe. To celebrate the iconic building the Discovery Festival will see a host of cultural events, activities, projects and performances for residents of and visitors to Birmingham on the theme of Discovery.

We are using this unique opportunity to generate visions for the future of arts and culture in Birmingham for the year 2022, created, written and produced by young creatives, just like you.

Birmingham 2022 will provide a space for unique perspectives on the current and future cultural offer for young people in Birmingham, and have a wide reach and impact with young people across the city, through the distribution of 50,000 magazines from September 2013, and the ongoing digital presence on the Project 2022 blog throughout the Discovery Season from September-December 2013.

Workshops in journalism & magazine production plus trend forecasting and hosted focus groups with members of the visual arts, theatre, music, performance, literature, photography, fashion and design communities will make Birmingham 2022 both a digital social media project and editorial training ground for young creatives wishing to engage with Birmingham’s diverse cultural offer.

The core group of 20, 16-24 yr olds will produce and create all of the following:

• Content for a new website for young people by young people
• A real-time capsule, which will be placed in the new Library of Birmingham and unearthed in 10 years time…
• A professional standard print magazine-style brochure for the Library of Birmingham Discovery Festival with a distribution of 50,000.

What will you get?

• A unique personal development opportunity
• An opportunity to develop both your artistic and employment skills
• Careers development within the creative and cultural industries
• An opportunity to share your views with cultural organisations and other young people
• £50 to cover expenses
• To meet and work with industry folks and mentors

The brief is now live on IdeasTap and the deadline for applications is Friday 1st March 2013. To apply follow this link.

To apply, tell us in 100 words why you would like to take part and submit an example of a 200-500-word article or piece of media (video, animation, podcast) on a cultural happening in Birmingham, plus two ideas for further consideration. You MUST also support your application by uploading further examples of your work to your IdeasTap portfolio. ​

Not a member of IdeasTap? Sign up: It’s free and anyone can join.

​​The project session times will be fortnightly twilight from 5pm-8pm in Birmingham. There will be some weekend sessions and an intensive summer school in July; this is a long-term commitment until December 2013

We encourage applications from different creative disciplines such as Music, Arts & Culture, Theatre & Performance, Literature, Fashion & Photography. We’d also like to hear from Videographers, Illustrators and Media bods.

We will be inviting successful shortlisted applicants to a recruitment workshop on Thursday 7th March 2013 from 5pm-7pm at mac, Birmingham.

Birmingham 2022 is in partnership with IdeasTap, mac, Fused Magazine, The Library of Birmingham, Capsule and funded by Arts Council England.