Choncey Ward

Choncey Ward
With a passion for literature, acting and culture, Cinzia, known as Choncey, is a bibliophile keen to experience the cultural back scenes to performing arts and journalism.
Currently in her second year at University of Birmingham studying English Literature and Classics, Cinzia has future prospects of becoming an Arts and Culture Journalist.
Her zeal for acting has lead her to work with many companies such as the BBC to the REP theatre throughout the last ten years, focusing mainly as a Shakespearian actress.
Cinzia’s bibliophilia, catalysed by Shakespeare from the age of seven and subsequently impelled by Samuel Johnson and Evelyn Waugh, has inspired her writing of fiction, poetry and journalism. She has worked with The Guardian Books Desk, ran the Literary Review radio show on Burn FM, writes for Redbrick magazine and has pending experience with Icon Books publishing.
On top of visiting all the latest exhibitions and performances (and in particular Books festivals), Cinzia runs her own books and culture review youtube channel under the alias Spiffinglycino, and a blog, Spiffing Books, which engage with all areas of the arts and culture world, from books to ballet and music.

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