Craig Humpage

My AvatarThe biggest passion in life for Craig has always been music. Professional Wrestling is a close second. He got his first guitar at age seven, and had unsanctioned matches with his cousin on a weekly basis. He has played music in various projects, and once attended a wrestling seminar, which left him physically destroyed for a week. Craig now likes to stay firmly on the side of the spectator. He is an avid blogger and writer on the subjects which he is passionate about.

Craig spent three years in Leeds, before graduating in Journalism.  Driven by curiosity and inspired by various writers and filmmakers, he chose something which excites and fulfils him. He also experienced two months of working on radio, making short documentaries. His biggest dream is to make documentary films, and he is heavily influenced by the work of Louis Theroux and John Pilger.

Craig has done a lot of travelling in Europe but wishes to branch out and experience more extreme culture changes in parts of Africa and Asia. New Orleans is the city where he dreams of ending up. The Big Easy is the epicentre of great culture and music. In ten years, he would like to have a career which allows him to start every day with a smile on the way to work, something he doesn’t have at this time.


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