Dan Owens

Illustration by Reiss Hesson

Illustration by Reiss Hesson

Dan Owens of 21 years of age studies English Literature at the University of Brighton and is very passionate about his course; he especially likes to look into the political, social and historical elements of it and is hoping to get a first class degree in it. Dan is very ambitious and an optimistic person who is able to work well with others.

His hobbies and interests consist of watching football, looking in to culture, listening to music, history and with out a doubt his literature. One of his favourite books is 1984 by George Orwell. Dan is currently living in Rugby but was born and bread in Birmingham. He decided to join Birmingham 2022 because it would be a great platform to further his writing skills and also to further his experiences in magazine production. Dan has also had experience of writing articles online for music magazines called ‘Room Thirteen’ where he critiqued and wrote about unsigned talent.


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