Louise Byng

Byng is an illustrator from the West Midlands, recently returning to her homeland after graduating from The Arts University Bournemouth last year. Since then she has become Assistant Editor of the beautiful Another Escape magazine, formed fun-loving illustration collective After School Club, and worked on a variety of multi-modal projects through roles as illustrator, designer, writer, curator and occasionally wide-eyed performer. She has been lucky enough to make work with mac birmingham, Flamingo mag and So Young magazine and is always actively seeking quality projects to make great things with.

Adopting a learning-through-making philosophy, putting pencil to paper allows her to discover more about individuals and places, as well as informing more broadly about society, morality and existence, i.e. how she fits into a bigger picture. A keen reader and watcher of the news she enjoys generating work based on current affairs, utilising the internet as a timely tool for absorbing meaningful content from broader creative spheres and giving her two cents.

Cultivating networks has been particularly important since leaving university, with both peers and strangers giving her a reason to keep going on those grey days (and returning the favour where she can). Through this project she is interested in facing the challenges of working as part of a fresh and diverse editorial team, in order to create a unique publication of local significance.



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