Maddy Abrams


Having continuously engulfed her life in art, design and technology, Maddy has become an innovative, young budding graphic designer. Spurred by her fascination with photography and inspired by the revolutionary drive of artists such as David Bailey, Maddy has steered her artistic eye to the world of graphic design which she currently studies at Matthew Bolton College. In a culture reliant on technology, Maddy derails graphic design from its hackneyed pathway by thrusting twenty-first century digital artistry into the physical, traditional realm. With an imaginative flair penchant for experimental approaches, Maddy envisions the future of graphic design as one where digital productions are merely canvases for tangible artistic mediums. Armed as an artist, Maddy subjects her graphic designs to pencil, paint, water, and dyes, thus breaking the boundaries between contemporary and tradition to create the avant-guard she believes the culture world is craving. Maddy’s creativity spurs from her desire to please others: from fashioning personalised graphics for her friends and family to baking and chocolatiering. Now Maddy is determined to enhance the innovative mindset she gained from the Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Education Scheme, and hopes to amplify her locally exhibited photography and art to a nationwide, media scale.


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